August 1, 2022

Join Kai XR at the 2022 ISTE Ed Tech Conference

Kai XR

At Kai XR, education and technology are our two favorite things. Naturally, we’re huge fans of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference. This year, we’re excited to share that our founder, Kai Frazier, will be presenting at ISTE 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Before you join us at ISTE 2022, we’d love to share more about:

  • What we do at Kai XR
  • How our platform helps classrooms reach the ISTE standards
  • Where we’ll be at the conference

Stick around for some riveting edtech action, and join us later in the month for ISTE Live 2022.

ISTE Conference 2022 FAQs

ISTE 2022 is a hybrid event, full of amazing live and virtual presentations, exhibits, and panels. Scrambling for the details? We’re dropping answers to ISTE 2022 frequently asked questions below.

Where will Kai XR be at ISTE 2022?

  • The T-mobile for Education Booth (Booth #3620). Stop by and say hi!

When is ISTE 2022? 

  • The ISTE 2022 dates are June 27-29.

Where is ISTE 2022?  

  • The ISTE conference 2022 location is New Orleans. The event will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

What is the ISTE 2022 schedule 

  • You can find more information about the ISTE conference & expo on their website.

What is Kai XR?

Kai XR is a metaverse learning platform specializing in virtual field trips and metaverse makerspaces. 

Access to our library allows students to do things like:

In addition to these trips, we recently debuted a virtual makerspace where students can create their own VR worlds—and they can do it all right from their desks!

Collage of digital rendering of Kai XR's Makerspace and smiling childrens.

The ISTE 2022 Standards

Our mission is to help all students thrive in an age of rapid technological advancements, no matter how much or how little funding their school receives. 

ISTE provides a great framework for what standards educators should aim to help their students achieve. We designed our offerings to make it easy for classrooms to meet these standards. 

Below, we’ll take a look at the ISTE standards for learning in the digital age and share how we can help any classroom get on track to hit these benchmarks.

ISTE 2022: Empowered Learners

ISTE’s first standard focuses on preparing students to be empowered learners who take an active role in their technology use. Domains of this standard include:

  • Setting personal learning goals and using tech to achieve, track, and reflect on them
  • Using technology to customize learning processes
  • Seeking feedback on learning progress through technology
  • Applying baseline tech knowledge to troubleshoot issues and explore new technologies

Empowered learners are not afraid to try new things, fail, and draw on past experiences to problem solve. These students are secure in their ability to learn. This skill is invaluable in an age of rapid, exponential growth in technology.

No matter how high-tech a classroom is today, students will still need to learn new skills a decade down the line. 

Educators can use our technology to empower their students. Here are some ideas:

  • Introduce your classroom to XR with our VR tablet-friendly Explore Mode. Once students can navigate this tech without support, introduce VR headsets. Tell your class that you will be on standby to answer any questions, but encourage them to apply what they know about XR to figure out the new technology on their own.
  • Get your class excited about design and development by introducing them to our Makerspace! After demoing the platform, ask each student to write down one goal for tinkering in the Makerspace. Check in with students about their goals after they’ve had a chance to use the platform.
  • Allow students free time where they can explore one virtual field trip of their choice. After their experience, prompt students to write a short reflection about why they chose their experience and what they gained from it. (This doubles as a great virtual social emotional learning activity)

However you apply our tools to your VR classroom, we hope you’ll aim to empower your students to make their own decisions and feel that they have a role in their own education.

Learn more about empowering students at the following ISTE 2022 sessions:

  • The Teacher’s Guide to Digital Choice Boards: Empower and Engage Students!
  • Every Voice Matters - Make Student Thinking Visible!
  • Emotional Intelligence: Learning by Creating Virtual Storytelling

ISTE 2022: Digital Citizens

After cultivating a responsibility to self, it’s time for students to learn how to responsibly interact with others as an upstanding digital citizen. 

No matter what technology you choose to incorporate in your classroom, make sure that students remember that they are interacting with a product created by and for real people. Digital citizens:

  • Realize their digital presence is permanent and know how to manage it
  • Interact with others with kindness, on and offline
  • Understand that it’s important to credit people for their intellectual property
  • Are aware of data collection and know how to keep their information safe

For safety reasons, most elementary and middle school educators will opt to keep their students off of platforms where they can interact with others. However, it's still possible to teach digital etiquette without compromising student safety.

Consider leveraging edtech to teach these skills. You can also create your own faux social media site where students can leave comments about whichever 360º virtual field trips they attend.

Engage in discussions about digital citizenship with other educators at the following ISTE 2022 conference sessions:

  • Authentic Digital Leadership, Voice and Agency: For Students, By Students
  • Building Student Agency Through Digital Citizenship: Empowering Learners Through Storytelling
  • We’re All in This Together: Families and Educators as Digital Citizenship Allies

ISTE 2022: Knowledge Constructors

This standard is all about research and fact-finding skills. Many of today’s elementary school students have a Snopes-like ability to identify faulty information. However, there is always room to grow here as marketers weave ads deeper into the fabric of social media.

Students who are strong knowledge constructors are able to:

  • Locate credible information online
  • Analyze media for credibility, opinion, and accuracy
  • Synthesize and connect information from a variety of sources
  • Develop ideas for solving real world problems

While our platform isn’t a research database, it is a rich collection of 100+ digital experiences that exemplify top-notch journalism.

Educators can have their classes attend the same virtual field trip and then trace the methods creators may have used to compile the facts. Did the creators of a virtual field trip:

  • Interview people?
  • Find statistics?
  • Synthesize primary sources and documents?
  • Reference secondary sources?

Our experiences are a great jumping off point for in-depth lessons on research skills.

Talk knowledge construction with other educators at the following iste national conference sessions:

  • Ingenuity and Innovation. No Problem
  • Creativity, Cardboard and Community-Centered Design
  • Steam Fair Anyone? Using ISTE Standards & Sustainable Development Goals to Create Projects

ISTE 2022: Innovative Designers

We strive to cultivate students’ skills as developers and designers, not consumers. Students who are innovative designers can:

  • Follow a process to bring an idea from creation to fruition
  • Choose the best tools for a project
  • Complete multiple edits to refine their work
  • Persevere despite ambiguity and challenges

New technologies offer many pathways to this end goal. Our Makerspace is one of them!

In our Makerspace, students can bring an idea to life and then refine it into a finished product. To help guide the process, educators can give students creative freedom but share typical steps of the design process:

  1. Identify problem
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Design
  4. Build, Test & Evaluate, Redesign 
  5. Share Solution

Learn more about fostering innovative design in your classroom at the following ISTE 2022 New Orleans events:

  • Using Stop Motion to Animate Physics Concepts
  • Connecting Makerspaces to the Curriculum
  • Transform Your Classroom to a Creativity Incubator

ISTE 2022: Computational Thinkers

Digital literacy facilitates work with numbers. For example, high school students who are familiar with digital spreadsheets will have a much easier time in statistics classes than peers unfamiliar with these online tools. 

No matter what career students pursue, numbers will be involved in some form. You can set students up for future success by providing them with the skills of a computational thinker:

  • Define problem parameters 
  • Collect or identify data relevant to solving a problem
  • Use a step by step process to solve problems
  • Use automation and algorithmic thinking to reach conclusions

Our digital experiences aimed at career and technical education can help students understand how computational thinking skills will help them in the future. 

Ready to nurture a classroom full of computational thinkers? Swap tips with other educators at the ISTE 2022 sessions below: 

  •  Computational Thinking Activities in the Elementary Classroom
  • Develop Deeper-Learning Through Computational Thinking
  • Computational Thinking and Math — Creative Coding Projects All Students Will Love

ISTE 2022: Creative Communicators

Effective communication is invaluable for helping the public understand important data and statistics.

This type of communication generally encompasses both words and visuals. As XR becomes more mainstream, it will likely encompass immersive reality as well.

To set students up for future success, educators can teach them how to:

  • Identify the best platform for communicating a particular message
  • Create new content or remix pre existing content
  • Draw on a variety of digital tools to communicate complex ideas
  • Customize their message for each digital platform

Although Facebook rebranded as Meta and shared plans to go all in on the metaverse, their social platforms still attract millions of users each day. The age of social media isn’t over yet. It’s important for students to learn how to navigate this space.

Here’s a great activity for using virtual reality to teach students how to communicate online:

  1. Each student picks a virtual Kai XR field trip
  2. After students watch their experience, they jot down a few key takeaways their classmates should learn
  3. Students decide how they want to communicate this information—perhaps through a video, tweet, or Instagram post
  4. Students take time to create their idea
  5. Students share out their creations at an informal classroom exhibit

Creatively communicate about creative communication at this year’s ISTE conference in New Orleans:

  • Raise Your Voice for Human Rights! Using Data Scrapping for Social Justice
  • Storytelling for All: Equity and Social-Emotional Learning Through Moviemaking
  • The Tik Tok Creation Lab for Educators

ISTE 2022: Global Collaborators

No matter where students hit their stride—numbers, design, or communication—they must be prepared to share their work and ideas with a global community.

Students prepared for global collaboration know how to:

  • Use digital tools for connecting with people from all types of cultural backgrounds
  • Collaborate with others and explore ideas from multiple perspectives, all with digital tools for the classroom
  • Team up with others to work towards a common goal
  • Use technology to explore problems at local and global levels, and then work with others to solve them

Learn more about building a classroom of global collaborators at the 2022 ISTE conference:

  • International Minecraft Project for Enhancing the Skills of Global Learners
  • Where in the World: Using Google Earth and My Maps in Projects
  • 5 Top Trends in Student Activism: Taking Action as Global Collaborators
  • Empathy Through Makerspace: Fostering Equity, SEL and Global Sustainability

See you at ISTE 2022!

We would love to see you at ISTE New Orleans 2022!

In the meantime, you can: 

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