Empowering Today’s Students, With the Skills Needed for Tomorrow

Kai XR consists of a group of educators, dreamers, and technologists that decided to take an ambitious idea to fruition. Together, we are building the future of education to inspire the next generation of innovators.


Kai XR Inspires Innovation

Our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and access while empowering students to build the future they want to see. 

Through experiential learning, children can tinker, test, and toy with new experiences as they think critically about the world around them.

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At Kai XR, Inclusion is a Priority,
And Not an Afterthought

Kai XR uses cutting-edge 360 technology allowing students to imagine themselves in new environments around the world. Through experiential learning students enhance their ability to ask questions, make decisions, and draw conclusions. The ability to understand, respect, and work well with people from diverse cultures is increasingly important for social and academic success in an interconnected world.


Kai XR is for all kids.

Genius is evenly distributed across zip codes. Access and opportunity are not.” — Mitch Kapor

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Kai XR breaks educational barriers by making emerging technology accessible. We give educators the tools they need to help students develop the critical skills of tomorrow, today.

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Kai XR aims to help bridge the digital divide and position students for success in a rapidly evolving market by connecting 1 million kids with 360˚, AR, VR, and XR technologies by 2030.

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Inclusive Accessibility

Kai XR is the intersection of accessibility and inclusivity.

The digital divide affects many underestimated communities due to a lack connectivity. To help close the divide, Kai XR works on all devices ranging from smartphones to VR headsets. No Wifi, no problem. Kai XR is partnered with T-mobile to optimize 4G & 5G capabilities.

The Team

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Kai Frazier


At 17 years old, Kai Frazier became an assistant in her former third-grade teacher’s Chesapeake, Va., classroom. Her passion for learning led her to become an educator herself. As a history teacher, Frazier witnessed firsthand how her students consumed information digitally, but unfortunately, her assigned teaching resources in her classroom were technologically lagging behind.

To combat this growing digital divide, Frazier decided to fill the learning gap herself by introducing students to the world through virtual field trips. Frazier documented the monuments and historical sites of Washington, D.C., with her first 360° camera. Thus, Kai XR was born.

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Darryl Greene
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director of internal operations
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Ready to explore?

Kai XR's virtual field trips are a fun & immersive way to expose students to new sights, locations, careers, and more! Join the fun!

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