About Kai XR

Kai XR brings the future of education to today’s classrooms. Our mission is to narrow the digital divide by giving students hands-on opportunities to in-demand technologies, preparing them for future careers.

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Our Mission

Inspiring today’s students with tomorrow’s technology

Kai XR is bridging the gap between technology and access for all students. We provide a unified digital learning platform for emerging technologies, empowering students to learn beyond the curriculum.

Our simple and accessible learning resources can be used with any device including tablets, headsets, or smart-devices. Our mission is to close the digital divide by providing hands-on opportunities to in-demand technologies. 

Our resources prioritize inclusion, experiential learning, and innovation to empower children to explore, dream, and create. We ensure all students have the tools to build critical 21st-century skills for their social, academic, and professional futures.

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Kai Frazier
Kai Frazier
Founder & CEO

Meet our Founder & CEO Kai Frazier

My name is Kai Frazier, and I am a teacher unapologetically dedicated to our students.

I’ve worked in education for over twenty years & strived to be a good steward of student’s dreams, voices, creativity, and their future.

I created Kai XR to foster a culture of innovation. For true innovation to occur, students will need the skills to think critically, collaborate, fail & iterate, communicate with kindness, and champion others from all backgrounds.

I created Kai XR to be a safe & accessible place for all students to develop these skills and more so they may create the world they envision.

Over the last few years, my incredible team and I have built Kai XR into an all-in-one platform for educators to expand student imaginations while they learn 21st century skills to prepare them to succeed in the future.

It will be all of our jobs—teachers, parents, and the community—to nurture student imagination, as their innovative ideas will lead the way. We can’t wait to see what you discover with Kai XR.

Meet the Kai XR Team

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Customer Success

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Su Kim

Ops & Partnerships

Kai XR's Values


Through 100+ virtual field trips and learning experiences highlighting near and far diverse cultures and worlds, Kai XR provides teachers and students with encounters that reflect their own lives as part of the larger human experience. 


Kai XR intentionally builds to remove barriers to accessibility. Kai XR’s web-based platform works on countless devices including tablets, VR headsets, and smartphones. 


Designed by educators and keeping students as the center,  Kai XR provides a safe, ad-free environment for students to explore and learn.


Kai XR believes in a future where the students of today have a seat at the table, equipped with technical skills to design and build the futures they imagine. To this end, we make it easy for educators and students to wield emerging in-demand technologies.
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In memory of my sunshine, Ky(ra) G. Frazier. Love you to the moon and back.