Two young boys using an iPad in a classroom

Take your school to the next level with Kai XR

Kai XR brings interactive, hands-on opportunities with in-demand technology to your school. Our all-in-one educational platform enables your teachers to craft entire immersive and fun lesson plans that promote learning while meeting your district’s standards. Upgrade your classrooms, jumpstart your STEM programs, and prepare the next generation for the future of work through our XR platform. 

Bringing the Future of Education to Today’s Students

Prepare your students for a highly technical future by exposing them to STEAM pathways through our experiential digital learning platform. Build entire lesson plans, supplement your curriculum, and provide engaging, educational adventures for your students on any network and digital device.

Equip your students with the skills for future success

Kai XR brings the next generation of learning to your school. Prepare every one of your students for the future of work with hands-on experience with in-demand technologies. Curate entire lesson plans, recover valuable teaching time, and become Metaverse experts with Kai XR. 

Created By Educators

We know firsthand the difficulties of lesson planning and student engagement. Kai XR has you covered. Our platform brings the adventure to your students and recoups valuable teaching time for today’s educators. 

Metaverse Made Easy

AR, XR, VR—the Metaverse can sound like a foreign language. Kai XR simplifies it for you—from ease-of-use on any tablet or network to the ready-made courses and learning adventures. 

Curate Your Curriculum

Every student moves at a different speed. Kai XR enables you to curate your lessons and curricula to meet their learning needs. Regain valuable instructional time and access SEL with our fun and engaging platform.  

All Networks and Devices Welcome

Kai XR works on all existing classroom devices and networks. All you have to do is bring us to class.

Your All-in-one STEAM Education Solution for Tomorrow’s Classroom

We enable educators to build comprehensive, engaging courses powered by in-demand technology. Build standards-aligned lesson plans, monitor your students’ progress, craft immersive learning adventures, and be known as the “fun class” all with our innovative Kai XR Learn platform. 

Younger boy using an iPad

Educator Dashboards

Track student success while gaining valuable academic insights.

Clever Single Sign-On (SSO) & Rostering

Keep student information safe with the #1 school authentication system.

Virtual Field Trips

100+ virtual trips take your class beyond the textbook using a phone,tablet or VR headset, from the streets of Paris to the human nervous system.

Metaverse Makerspace

Engage imagination and collaboration in our drag-and-drop digital makerspace

Game Play & Design

Immerse your students in a curriculum-guided, immersive world to learn game design and critical 21st century design skills.

Comprehensive Pre-Made Lessons

Interactive quiz games, vocab puzzles, and more to educate at each student’s pace

Start your journey today with Kai XR!

Kai XR was created by educators, for educators so that all students could access high-quality, timely, and relevant experiences, Kai XR’s platform easily enables educators to differentiate their instruction and engage all students through immersive content - bringing the careers and technology of tomorrow into each classroom today. Getting started is easy - schedule a demo with us!

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Need more info on the metaverse? Curious what devices are compatible with Kai XR? (hint: it’s all of them) We answer all your questions before you can even ask in our FAQs!

What does a Kai XR subscription cover?

A Kai XR subscription grants access to a teacher-approved, kid-friendly, curated VR content library, allowing children to create VR adventures with our Create makerspace.

Kai XR delivers learning resources, rating guides, and more; to help kids think critically about the content they see.

We don't charge for the VR content. Instead, our subscription price covers a safe VR community for children to roam without venturing into the wild west of VR content that might be violent, horror-filled, sexual, or culturally inclusive.

Our Learn, Explore, & Create platform gives kids a safe VR space to play online.

What devices can I use with the Kai XR platform?

The Kai XR platform is accessible via smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers.

When building in the Create makerspace, we suggest doing so from a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer rather than a smartphone. Building with these options allows students to have more creative control and better usage of the platform's features.

Do I need a gaming computer to Create in the makerspace?

No. You do not need a gaming laptop or desktop to Create in the Kai XR makerspace. Our makerspace is accessible via VR headsets, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops.

For younger students learning the basics of designing in the makerspace, we suggest starting with a  desktop/laptop or a tablet.

Do I need a headset to Explore Kai XR field trips?

No. You do not have to use a headset to watch Kai XR Explore videos. Our videos are also accessible via smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops.

What is mixed reality?

Mixed reality (XR) combines AR & VR elements to produce new environments. In XR, digital objects co-exist and interact with physical objects in real time.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is when technology, such as a smartphone, overlays digital images on top of your real-world view. The digital enhancements combined with the natural world create an augmented reality. An example would be using a Snapchat filter or playing Pokemon Go.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is when you use wearable technology, such as a VR headset, providing complete immersion in a digital 360˚/3D environment.

Is there an age limit for using VR?

Kai XR recommends adult supervision for children 12 years and younger.

A majority of our VR field trips are five minutes or less.

After completing a VR field trip, we recommend a 5-minute break to think critically and discuss VR experiences.

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