Put Our New Digital Makerspace on Your Classroom To-Do List

Kai Frazier
September 21, 2022

School is officially out for summer in classrooms across the country—but that doesn’t mean the learning, creating, and innovating has to stop! Our new digital classroom makerspace offering, Kai XR Create, provides a collaborative environment that empowers students and kids of all ages to build and explore new worlds, develop critical 21st century skills, and, most of all, have fun!

Makerspaces have been around in one form or another for hundreds of years, but virtual makerspaces are a bit more of a recent development. In a digital makerspace, students are able to work together or independently to build, interact with, and solve problems within a digital environment of their own design.

VR makerspaces enable students to roll up their virtual sleeves, get creative, and experiment with new concepts and ideas that help them better understand the world around them. Digital makerspaces like Kai XR Create also help students develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills; work collaboratively with others; and boost confidence in their abilities.

Kai XR Create blends the benefits of digital makerspaces with those of the VR classroom, which makes sense given the significant overlap between the two. But what sets Kai XR Create apart from the other digital makerspaces out there? We’re glad you asked!

Collage of Kai XR's digital makerspace camping environment and planets from the space environment. Text reads "Kai XR Create."i

A Digital Makerspace That’s Easy to Implement

Many virtual makerspaces on the market today can pose implementation problems for educators and students because they are simply too confusing or require knowledge of advanced coding to even get started. Right off the bat, that acts as a barrier that can prevent many students from accessing these platforms.

Kai XR Create doesn’t require students to know advanced coding in order to build their own virtual environments and interfaces. It is a 100% drag-and-drop platform that enables students to learn the basics of building, exploring, and problem-solving in metaverse makerspaces in an easy-to-use, accessible environment.

Many of these basics include things that are commonly overlooked—or assumed to be prior knowledge—in other makerspaces, including:

  • Orbit - Click and drag to move around your scene
  • Fly- In play mode, click a location for your avatar to appear
  • Translate – Move an object along its x, y, or z axis
  • Rotate – Turn any object 360º degrees
  • Scale – Change the size of any object
  • Asset textures - Change the features of a selected object
Two children hold hands and jump in front of a blue arch and collage of flowers and a butterfly. Text reads "Kai XR Create, Try it free today."

A Digital Makerspace Made for Kids, by Educators

Kai XR has been working to inspire the next generation of innovators through hands-on, experiential learning that leverages VR, AR, and XR since 2018.

In that time, we’ve seen how transformative these technologies have been for students of all ages. It only makes sense that we should take what we’ve learned and help build a virtual makerspace for kids—which is another key differentiator for Kai XR Create.

Unlike other virtual makerspaces, Kai XR Create is designed for students 14-years-old and younger. Our kid-friendly platform includes a tutorial that teaches students the basics of creating in a virtual makerspace, which makes it easy for even the most novice beginner to jump in and get started with confidence.

Just like our VR field trips, Kai XR Create was designed by educators, for students—giving greater assurance for parents, teachers, and educators using our platform that all content is safe, secure, and age-appropriate. 

An Accessible and Inclusive Digital Makerspace

Many other digital makerspaces require a powerful graphics card and computer—like a Razer gaming laptop—in order to run. That kind of cost and investment is yet another barrier that keeps all students from accessing the immense learning potential digital makerspaces offer.

At Kai XR, we’re all about breaking down barriers by making emerging technology like VR and AR more accessible, and that includes digital makerspaces. That is why we designed Kai XR Create to be used on tablets, smartphones, and regular laptops like a Chromebook—which many other makerspaces cannot operate on.

In doing so, we’re helping expand access and open up new possibilities for all students to engage in the exciting world of virtual makerspaces. Just as with our VR field trips, we hope Kai XR Create will help equip students with the critical 21st century skills they’ll need to succeed tomorrow, today.

Gray avatar holds up ruler next to a snowy makerspace landscape. Text reads "drag, drop, and play."

Special Summer Offer: Get Started with Kai XR Create for FREE

With kids having so much free time on their hands—not to mention parents and educators looking for ways to fill that time—summer is a great opportunity to get started building, exploring, and learning in Kai XR Create. Even better, Kai XR is open for beta testing all summer—that means you can try it now for FREE! 

No need to keep looking for digital makerspace ideas. Kai XR Create is ready to take your classroom—or your summer—to the next level. 

No matter what your students or kids are interested in, Kai XR Create can provide a place where they can create and live out their virtual dreams:

  • Love all things LEGO? Kids can design their very own “block world” in between builds or while they wait for the next LEGO movie to come out.
  • Ready to blast off? For an out-of-this-world adventure, kids can build, explore, and colonize their own planet.
  • Into the great outdoors? Kids can build their own custom campsite, from the trees around them to the necessities they need for a successful campout.

Kai XR is free for beta testing all summer—but we all know how fast summers can fly by. Get started today–become a beta tester now

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In memory of my sunshine, Ky(ra) G. Frazier. Love you to the moon and back.