Kai XR Create MakerSpace

Meet your new favorite classroom Makerspace

Kai XR Create is a drag-and-drop digital makerspace where your students can reach for the stars, touch down on the moon, and build a town that’s out of this world—all from their desks.

We’re the makerspace kids dream about

Easy to teach

Teaching kids how to create in the metaverse can feel as carefree as summer break.

Fun for students

All fun, no mess. Our virtual makerspace lets students unleash their creative magic.

Ready for any device

Kai XR Create is ready-to-go on all classroom devices (even your smartphone).

VR Classroom solutions don’t have to be complex.

Digital fluency comes easy to Gen Alpha. We help educators keep up. Kai XR Create is a quality solution for any educator preparing students for the virtual future.

Child with a Kai XR on device
3d forest makerspace

Prepare your students for the future of work

21st century skills are the cost of admission to metaverse careers. Give your students a leg up with Kai XR Create; they’ll learn to design in 3D, collaborate remotely, and navigate the metaverse, all on one platform.

Educators love our digital makerspace for kids

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I've searched high and low for a makerspace that works for my students. Kai XR Create is the tool we've been waiting for! Our students have never been more engaged!

Ms. Williams, 5th Grade Teacher

We could go on about the endless benefits of digital makerspaces...so we will!