Product Update

What's New at Kai XR for June!

Su Kim
June 1, 2024

May’s been a busy month at Kai XR. We're excited to share our new features available on Kai XR.

At Kai XR, we’re committed to bringing you the best learning experiences to your classrooms. Let's dive in and discover how these new features will take your teaching to new heights. 🚀

Here’s what we've been working on at Kai XR:

  • Learn: Unsubmit Student Submissions
  • Learn: Share your adventure with other teachers
  • Create: New Organ Assets
  • Explore: New Explore virtual field trips
  • And finally in Beta, Collaboration Mode!

Learn: Unsubmit Student Submissions

Based on your feedback, now, you can unsubmit student  submissions.  You can set student submissions back to “In Progress” so students have another chance to complete incomplete activities.

You can also use this feature to submit submissions that are past due by checking the Submitted box.

Learn: Share your adventure with other teachers

Every day, we see amazing adventures created by educators like you. Now, you can share your adventures directly with other teachers.  Just send your 6-digit adventure code to other teachers, and they can clone your adventure for their use.  All cloned adventures are fully customizable.

To share, send the 6-letter code for your adventure.

To clone an adventure that was shared with you, click the "Clone Adventure by Code" button and enter the code. You'll then have a new cloned adventure with a new 6-letter code you can use with your students.

Create: Bring human anatomy to life with new organ makerspace assets!

We're excited to have organ assets live to use in the makerspace. Use these with your own adventure or with these anatomy-related adventures live in the Gallery:

  • The Human Body: Systems
  • The Human Body: Organs Unveiled
  • Organs & Their Doctors

New Virtual Field Trips Await on Kai XR Explore!

This month, check out our five new virtual field trips ready for your classroom.

And introducing, Kai XR Collaborative Mode!

Now, you and your students can play and build together in the same Makerspace. Take group projects to another level with Collaborative Mode! Available over the summer for our Beta testing educators.

The adventure is just beginning!

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