October 27, 2021

Transform Your Tablet with Kai XR's Exploration Mode: Exploration Mode, What is It?


What is Exploration Mode?

Kai XR’s virtual field trips are built with cutting-edge 360˚technology.

Our Exploration Mode lets you physically move your tablet in a circular motion to discover 360˚ of action.

Look above you!
Look behind you.

When using Exploration Mode, each Kai XR field trip is a scavenger hunt to find the action.

What will you discover?


How do I use Exploration Mode on my Tablet?

Using Exploration Mode on a tablet is fun and easy!
Follow these 3 simple steps to get started.

Step 1
Tap this icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2
Next, you will see a prompt to allow orientation access on your device.
Select “Allow” access on your tablet screen.

Step 3
Select your field trip.
Now you can move your tablet in a circle to explore 360˚ of action in Exploration Mode!

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Kai XR's virtual field trips are a fun & immersive way to expose students to new sights, locations, careers, and more! Join the fun!

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