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Kai XR Team Spotlight: Meet Adrian Cerezo

Darryl Greene
September 14, 2023

Welcome to the Kai XR Team Spotlight

Step into the world of innovation with our extraordinary engineers at Kai XR.

In this edition of our blog series, we are thrilled to introduce you to Adrian Cerezo, a master of his craft with a deep-rooted passion for immersive technology.

Explore Adrian's diverse background experiences, personal statements, and current work as they showcase their expertise and contribution to Kai XR's cutting-edge projects.

Join us as we uncover the innovative ideas, technical prowess, and unwavering dedication that make Adrian an integral part of our team.

Meet Adrian Cerezo

  • Department: Engineering
  • Location: Navalcarnero, Spain
  • Background Work: Adrian was born in Ávila, Spain, and grew up in Alcalá de Henares and Madrid. He has always been interested in both technology and the farming lifestyle.

    Adrian lives in a small town named Navalcarnero, where his land is for planting and his own tech space for programming and playing. Adrian's career began in a small water-saving company, but he quickly found his way into the "programming" world, developing web apps using ActionScript and Flash technology.

    As this technology eventually faded, Adrian reinvented himself as a full-stack developer, working in healthcare, pharmaceutics, and marketing companies.
  • Current Work At Kai XR: Adrian is a software developer at Kai XR, focusing on developing front-end and back-end solutions that allow educational professionals to interact quickly and efficiently with the Kai XR platform.

    Adrian's tasks at Kai XR enable him to learn and implement the newest tools, programming languages, and technologies. With his diverse range of skills and experience as a developer, Adrian makes an invaluable contribution to the Kai XR team.
  • Personal Mission Statement: Technology is our language nowadays, but it should be used healthier. That is where people need to use common sense and critical thinking.

    To this purpose, it has to reach everywhere and everyone equally, giving now and next generations the opportunity to learn from it in their way.

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