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Kai XR Educator Spotlight: Meet Ms. KaRita Smith-Sullen

Darryl Greene
August 8, 2023

Introducing Ms. KaRita Smith-Sullen: Making Waves at Oxmoor Valley Elementary

Introducing Ms. KaRita Smith-Sullen

At Oxmoor Valley Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama, KaRita Smith-Sullen is making waves as the Technology Teacher and EdTech Coach. With a mission to provide engaging and innovative lessons for her students, she is also dedicated to helping teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms. KaRita's collaborative approach ensures that students have opportunities to apply their knowledge while exploring their creativity. Join us as we explore KaRita's impact at Oxmoor Valley and discover the incredible achievements of her students.

KaRita's students preparing for their makerspace assignment

KaRita serves students between 2nd and 5th grade, covering an age range of 7 to 11 years. Oxmoor Valley Elementary School is a Title I school district, highlighting the importance of equitable access to quality education. With this in mind, KaRita is committed to providing her students with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed and thrive.

KaRita's students using Kai XR Create assets to learn more about the Solar System

Engaging Lessons with Kai XR: Exploring the Solar System

One of the standout success stories from KaRita's classroom is her students' accomplishments using the Kai XR platform. KaRita's favorite lesson involved the Solar System. Using Kai XR, students were tasked with creating their models of the Solar System. This activity reinforced key concepts in science and promoted critical thinking and innovation.

KaRita's class preparing their Solar System replicas using the Create makerspace

What amazed KaRita most was hearing her students use complex vocabulary typically taught at higher grade levels. Conversations like "scale" and "translation" were used naturally. This demonstrated how Kai XR engaged students and helped them develop a deep understanding of the topic. The lesson expanded beyond creating models as students explored the animations and became interested in studying the rotations of the planets.

A student example of their space journey exploring the Solar System

Kai XR has been a game-changer in KaRita's classroom. Students are thrilled to have the opportunity to create and explore using the platform, often forgetting that they are learning in the process. The joy and engagement they experience using Kai XR contribute to their confidence and excitement for learning.

KaRita's student scholar, excited to build her makerspace solar system

Inspiring Educators to Embrace Innovative Technology

The success KaRita has seen with Kai XR has far-reaching implications. She envisions every classroom utilizing this powerful tool to enhance understanding and engagement, particularly in subjects like the Solar System. By incorporating innovative technology like Kai XR, KaRita is not only transforming her classroom but also inspiring educators to embrace new ways of teaching and learning.

KaRita's classroom following along with her presentation

As a testament to the impact of Kai XR, KaRita invites educators to join her in incorporating this cutting-edge technology into their classrooms. By leveraging Kai XR, you can unleash creativity, ignite a passion for learning, and provide your students with transformative experiences.

KaRita's student's sharing their makerspace success.

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