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Inside the Classroom: Empowering Students with Kai XR’s Design Challenges

Darryl Greene
November 17, 2023

Meet Ms. Portrice Warren, an Apple Distinguished Educator whose innovative teaching methods and use of technology are transforming the classroom. At W.J. Christian School in Birmingham, Alabama, Ms. Warren is a passionate advocate for STEM/STEAM education and is unlocking her student's full potential. In this article, we will highlight the innovative way Ms. Warren uses Kai XR for design challenges to bring her student's ideas to life.

Re-imagining Restrooms

Challenge: Upgrading school restrooms

For their most recent design challenge, Ms. Warren's students decided to tackle a challenge close to home - upgrading their school restrooms. Tapping into the first step of design thinking, Ms. Warren encouraged her students to empathize with the student body and their desire for a better learning environment.

Diving into the challenge: sampling for mold

In their research, students discovered the restrooms had not been upgraded since 1961! Next, her class took samples from the restroom surfaces to analyze if mold was present. Last, her students surveyed fellow classmates about their experiences and needs, gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of creating modern, functional, and sustainable restrooms in the school. By emphasizing with fellow students, her class began to create a solution to meet their needs.

Brainstorming Modern Solutions

Researching bathroom designs, colors, and layouts

Once the problem was fully defined, Ms. Warren guided her students through the next phase of design thinking, ideation. She motivated her students to think outside the box as they brainstormed innovative ideas to upgrade their restrooms. They explored hardware updates, eco-friendly materials, and vibrant color schemes. Next, students were ready to prototype their solution using Kai XR.

Bringing Student Ideas to Life with Kai XR

Students presenting their restroom designs in Kai XR

With the design concepts in mind, Ms. Warren's class turned to Kai XR Create, a makerspace platform, providing them with the tools and resources to bring their ideas to life. Using virtual reality and 3D modeling, the students designed and built their envisioned bathroom upgrades, incorporating functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability elements using the makerspace.

A student's reimagined restrooms in Kai XR

Ms. Warren's project is one of many real-life examples of how educators can use Kai XR to empower students with immersive design challenges. This interactive experience allows students to explore concepts such as physics, engineering, and computer programming. Using Kai XR, students brought their ideas to life in a virtual environment, enabling them to iterate and refine their ideas.

Iterating for Improvement

To ensure the feasibility and effectiveness of their designs, Ms. Warren guided her students through the last phase of design thinking— testing. Students tested their restroom prototypes within Kai XR Create's makerspace. The virtual environment allowed them to simulate real-world scenarios and gather feedback from classmates and stakeholders. This iterative process enabled the students to refine their design concepts, ensuring that the final product met the needs and expectations of the users.

Another student's reimagined restrooms in Kai XR

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