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Five Strategies for Implementing Kai XR in the Classroom

Darryl Greene
October 4, 2023

Integrating new technology into the classroom can seem like a big challenge. But with the right strategies, like the ones we'll discuss here, you can make the process much smoother and more effective.

Let's dive into five practical tips for effectively integrating Kai XR’s all-in-one learning platform into your classroom.

Master the Basics: The Getting Started Guide

Before embarking on your journey into the immersive world of Kai XR, take advantage of our comprehensive "Getting Started Guide." This invaluable resource is a vital part of our onboarding process; we designed it to provide educators with a friendly and reassuring introduction to the platform. Providing a clear overview of each part of the Kai XR platform – from Kai XR Create and Explore to Learn. By familiarizing yourself with this guide, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge to seamlessly navigate through Kai XR and access a wide range of ready-made activities. Stay tuned for the "Getting Started Guide" as part of your school's subscription with Kai XR!

Start Slow: Introduce Activities Gradually

Feel free to start slow with Kai XR. Let students explore Kai XR based on their interests. As students gain confidence, you can connect their explorations to standards-based lessons, much like the inspiring example of Ms. Sullen Smith at Oxmoor Valley Elementary in Montgomery, Alabama. Her 3rd graders developed 3D multiplication arrays in our virtual makerspace, Create, after a virtual field trip to the National Portrait Gallery. This gradual approach empowers students to learn at their own speed while aligning with meaningful, standards-based learning goals. Go slow, to go fast!

Prioritize Student Engagement: Go Deeper

Student engagement is critical for effective learning.

Take full advantage of Kai XR's platform to dig deeper into your learning goals, using it as a powerful tool to cultivate and nurture student engagement. Mr. Williams at Phillips Academy meets the challenge of teaching mixed grade levels classes by using Kai XR to excite students and build their STEM skills. His approach demonstrates how Kai XR empowers educators to transform their learning environments into dynamic and engaging spaces that promote critical thinking, ensuring fewer distractions and continuous learning from start to finish.

Use Our Pre-Made Adventures: Save Time and Effort

Kai XR goes beyond technology; it's a tool that can connect learning to real-life experiences. Our ready-made learning adventures are aligned with standards and come with built-in assessments, saving you time and ensuring your students are learning what they need.

For example, in our "Create the Solar System" adventure, students explore stars, moons, and planets. They then put their knowledge into practice by constructing a 3D model of our solar system. You can use our pre-made lessons as they are, customize them to your needs, or find inspiration for your own teaching approach!

Utilize Office Hours: Learning and Building in Community of Practice

Kai XR values your teaching journey and offers support every step of the way. Our live virtual office hours will give you opportunities to dive deeper into the features of the Kai XR platform, ask questions, and get feedback on your lesson ideas. Engaging in these interactive sessions allows you to refine your strategies and make the most of Kai XR's potential.

Join Our Kai XR office hours each Thursday at:

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The Kai XR office hours team

By leveraging these five strategies, you not only ensure a smoother start in your classroom using Kai XR but also intentionally create a rich and dynamic learning environment where you can effectively meet the diverse needs of all your students. Don’t forget, we're always here to support you as you set the stage for student success.

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