Elevate Your Classroom with Kai XR's New Grouping Feature: Enhance Efficiency and Boost Creativity!

Darryl Greene
October 19, 2023

Educators always look for ways to enhance our teaching and engage students more profoundly. The new grouping feature on Kai XR's platform is a game-changer that will revolutionize how you design and create in the classroom. In this blog, we will dive into the notable highlights of this feature and explore how it can help you enhance efficiency and boost creativity in your classroom.

Check out 'Grouping' in action!

Efficient Editing with Grouping: Design Like a Pro

With Kai XR's new grouping feature, you can select multiple assets and edit them together, streamlining your design process. Whether arranging objects in a scene or creating complex interactive elements, grouping allows you to work with multiple assets as a single unit. With a few clicks, you can quickly move, rotate, scale, or apply changes to the entire group, saving time and effort. Say goodbye to tedious individual edits and let the grouping feature unlock your potential for efficient design!

With 'Grouping,' it's easier to design and customize larger, more complex designs.

Maximize Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts

Kai XR's grouping feature has a set of convenient keyboard shortcuts to enhance your efficiency further. You can seamlessly navigate your design process by memorizing simple combinations like:

▪️ Ctrl + G for grouping,

▪️Ctrl + Z for undoing changes, and

▪️Ctrl + Y for redoing actions.

Leveraging the power of undo/redo becomes your best friend when using grouping, ensuring you can quickly rectify any mistakes. An undo/redo button is available for quick access for tablet users. Embrace these shortcuts and amplify your productivity in the classroom.

Use our 'Shortcuts' for a more efficient design experience.

Streamline Your Design Process: Duplicate and Delete Groups

Creating consistent and dynamic designs often involves duplicating and reusing grouped assets. With Kai XR's grouping feature, you can easily duplicate entire groups, allowing you to maintain the same arrangement or design pattern effortlessly. This functionality is beneficial when creating multiple interactive elements or replicating certain visual elements across a virtual scene. Furthermore, the ability to delete groups helps you keep your design clean and organized, removing unnecessary clutter and staying focused on your creative vision.

How to 'Duplicate & Delete' groups.

Focus on the Details: Introducing the Focus Feature

Precision is vital when designing in Kai XR, and the new focus feature takes your attention to detail to the next level. By pressing the F key on your keyboard, you can instantly zoom in on the selected group, enabling you to work on intricate elements more precisely. This feature ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, allowing your classroom to create immersive and captivating designs that engage your students. Embrace the focus feature and bring your designs to life like never before.

Focus on your makerspace details using the 'Focus' feature.

Unlock the Power of Grouping in Your Classroom with Kai XR

By leveraging the new grouping feature on Kai XR's platform, you can elevate your classroom to new levels of efficiency and creativity. Streamline your design process, maximize productivity with keyboard shortcuts, duplicate and delete groups seamlessly, and enhance attention to detail with the focus feature. Embrace these powerful tools and unlock your potential as an educator and designer. Take a step towards a more efficient and creative classroom with Kai XR – the possibilities are endless!

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