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Dream Big with Kai XR

Kai XR takes kids on virtual field trips around the world and beyond, on any device and wherever they are. Leveraging interactive 360° technology, our digital learning platform puts kids in the driver seat and empowers them to dream big, develop 21st century skills, and explore the universe around them. With Kai XR, the world really is their classroom.

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Kai XR is the future of education

Young minds are rapidly evolving in the 21st century. Kai XR's mission is to expand educational opportunities and access for students to help them harness that potential while developing a more diverse, inclusive worldview.

Kai XR's interactive Explore platform lets students take virtual field trips using any smartphone, laptop, tablet, and even VR headset. From touring the Great Pyramids of Egypt to learning what it takes to become an aerospace engineer, Kai XR brings imagination to life like never before.

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Launch your classroom makerspace into the metaverse

With Kai XR Create, your students can reach for the stars, touch down on the moon, and build a town that’s out of this world, all before lunch. Our new educator-friendly drag & drop metaverse makerspace makes 21st century skills easy to teach and fun to learn. 

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The Four Pillars of Kai XR

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Kai XR's 100+ virtual field trips feature a diverse array of people, places, and cultures to help broaden global awareness and expand students' worldview.

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Kai XR is a web-based platform. It works on any device, including tablets, VR headsets, and smartphones, with no app or download required.

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Designed by educators with security in mind, Kai XR lets students explore a range of age-appropriate content in a safe, ad-free environment while protecting their privacy.

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Kai XR gives kids a safe pathway to explore innovative 360˚/VR/AR technologies. Kai XR's Exploration Mode on tablets is perfect for kids 12 and under while Kai XR on VR headsets opens up a world of possibilities for kids 13 and older. We also make it easy for educators to access the latest technology.

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Kai XR Breaks Barriers.

Research shows students that take field trips have better grades and higher graduation rates, however, many schools lack access to these opportunities. 

No matter your location, Kai XR makes global education opportunities accessible for all.

Field trips provide a positive, lasting impact on a child’s education and career making them more engaged, intellectually curious inside and outside the classroom.

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Virtual Field Trips


Kai XR is the first company to offer 100+ kid-friendly virtual field trips created or curated by educators. By collaborating with institutions from across the globe such as The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery (NPG) and UC Berkeley’s Innovative Genomics Institute, Kai XR makes it possible for children to explore experiences including “The Obama Portraits" at the NPG and the scientific breakthrough CRISPr, with UC Berkeley’s Nobel prize winning biochemist, Jennifer Doudna.

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Kai XR spares nothing when engaging & empowering students to pursue new educational opportunities.  We are proud to work with a Black female tech founder as her example inspired many of out students.

Daniel Rosove, Director of Impact Partnerships · SoLa Impact | South Central Los Angeles

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Kai XR's virtual field trips are a fun & immersive way to expose students to new sights, locations, careers, and more! Join the fun!

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