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Schools are bringing Kai XR's interactive and future-facing technology to their classrooms to increase student engagement. Teachers prepare their  students for the future of work with hands-on experience with in-demand technologies. They curate entire lesson plans, recover valuable teaching time, and become Metaverse experts with Kai XR. 

Now, you can too! With Kai XR you can jumpstart your numeracy and literacy programs, embark on design thinking challenges, and bring real-world problem-solving to your school.

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Why Do a Managed Pilot with Kai XR?

Kai XR brings the next generation of learning to your school. A Kai XR pilot equips educators with hands-on professional development and learning opportunities while providing them with a community for inspiration and support. By the end of the 8 weeks, teachers in a Kai XR pilot will be able to effectively:  

🚀 Create engaging lessons using future-facing technologies

🚀 Have students as content creators using future-facing technologies

🚀 Have student demonstrate subject competency by creating artifacts

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What's included in the Kai XR Pilot?

From dedicated training, professional development, and onboarding, Kai XR supports your teachers in the classroom to increase engagement. We enable educators to build comprehensive, engaging courses powered by in-demand technology.

Professional Development & Support

Real-time Training

Live onsite or virtual training for teachers, customized to your PD and training needs.

Weekly Office Hours

Weekly time to get technical and instructional support from other teachers and Kai XR staff.

1-1 Check-ins

Four 1-1 check-ins with Kai XR during the pilot to strengthen classroom learning, adoption, and engagement.

Educator Dashboards

Track student success while gaining valuable academic insights.

Clever Single Sign-On (SSO) & Rostering

Keep student information safe with the #1 school authentication system.

Virtual Field Trips

100+ virtual trips take your class beyond the textbook using a phone,tablet or VR headset, from the streets of Paris to the human nervous system.

Metaverse Makerspace

Engage imagination and collaboration in our drag-and-drop 3D digital makerspace

Comprehensive Pre-Made Lessons

Standards-aligned lessons, and more to educate at each student’s pace

Customized Lesson Plans

Leverage the Kai XR team to customize lessons using future-facing technologies.

Customized to Your Goals

Aligned Goals & Objectives

Customized pilot plan factoring in your goals.

Surveys & Data

Pre/Post pilot teacher surveys and usage reports from teachers and students.

Final Pilot Report

Pilot report detailing results from teacher surveys, usage reports, improvements and recommended implementation plan.

Created by Educators for the Classroom

We know firsthand the difficulties of lesson planning and student engagement. Kai XR has you covered. In 8 weeks, we'll bring adventure to your students and recoup valuable teaching time for your educators. 


We work with you to craft a customized pilot plan taking into consideration your goals, the teachers and classes that would participate, available school equipment, and training needs.

During Pilot (Weeks 1-8)

Week 1 kicks off with professional development for the pilot teacher cohort. Through 1-1 checkins, weekly office hours, and 24-7 email/phone support, we ensure teachers are equipped to use Kai XR to increase engagement and learning in their classrooms.


We examine usage data, teacher surveys, and student projects to prepare a pilot report for you to evaluate.
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Ready to get started? Complete our quick form start a 2-month pilot at your school.

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